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Web application - is a round-the-clock representation of your business opening an additional channel of communication on the Internet. Web application development has become a powerful tool for accessing data, simplifying application processing, structuring trading operations, and helping to generate additional profit.


Web projects, no matter how simple they look on a computer screen, require a complex server component. The user sees only the tip of the iceberg, but the bulk of the work is hidden under water.

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We have extensive experience in the design, creation and support of complex web applications. In our portfolio, we show the first in Turkmenistan electronic payment system, one of the largest online store in our country, as well as many other web projects completed for both local and foreign customers.

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Today, most of our projects are based on web technologies. We offer all services for the development and support of web applications - from analysis of business requirements to user support. Depending on the needs of the client, we create web applications and web portals for the Internet, internal and external networks.

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