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If you are interested in the efficiency of optimizing your site, then you will have to constantly monitor the status of your resource. In this case, it will be possible not only to correct existing errors, but also to prevent the appearance of new errors in the future.


To analyze the visit, first we look for open counters of LiveInternet and Yandex.Metrica statistics. It builds a rating of sites based on the data sent to the central server from users who installed the plug-in in the browser. Further, we carry out calculations only for second-level domains.

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We analyze the page and evaluate the quality of optimization and the technical condition of the site. Checking the content will show the page as it is seen by search engines. By calculating the density and relevance of your keywords, we�ll help you find the right headlines and descriptions. After the analysis is completed, we make recommendations for search engine promotion so that your site is in the top.


The text of the site is divided into many small pieces, which are used to search the network. If in the checked fragment there are repetitions that occur on another site, then this automatically affects the result. Accordingly, if the text was written from scratch, then checking the text for uniqueness will show a good result.

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